Keystone Summer Challenge

We were so blessed this past winter with the privilege of running an overnight emergency shelter for the first time. The shelter housed over 300 unique individuals from October 2014- April 2015, which equated to a person filling a bed over 3,600 times. As you are aware this past winter was one of the harshest we’ve seen in many years.  The shelter meant we were able to offer men and women a warm, clean place to sleep out of the weather.  In addition, each individual was able to get a shower and something to eat.  This allowed us to help our guests find work, services, and housing they needed while staying with us.


Along with the emergency shelter, the Keystone Rescue Mission  was able to distribute to those in need nearly 45,000 lbs of food, 26,000 lbs of clothing (approx. 47,000 items), and over 14,000 hot meals last year alone between the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre locations. This only happened through gifts given by caring individuals who were focused on changing lives and inspiring hope to those in need.

Because of our expanded services over the winter, which increase costs considerably, we are now in need of your financial help to offset the past winter costs as well as continue our ongoing programs through the summer.


Your gift and partnership will help us continue to:

 offer much needed services


 Inspire Hope for Those in Need


 Be creative – consider a yard sale, bake sale, craft sale

post your ideas on Facebook.


Help us Prepare for the Fall!!!!

As we’re still trying to beat the heat of Summer  we are excited and busy preparing for our upcoming fall season. In preparation please consider adopting a bed for our upcoming shelter season.


1 night for $ 19.50

10 nights for $ 195.00

1 month for $ 585.00

 For donations paid with credit or debit cards please click on the following link –

Please consider setting up a monthly re-occurring gift.

or you can call our office for help 570-871-4795